1. Turtle race starts at every two minutes.
2. In two minutes, a user predicts a winning turtle and places a bet.
3. The race result is derived from a random number based on each game’s seed number + participated TxIDs.
4. If the turtle that the user bets on wins the race, the user earns 2.94x


Please click here to see how the race result is randomly generated.

Race Participation

Betting transactions must be made within two minutes while waiting for the race. If a transaction is made after the race, it will be automatically included in the next race.

Bet Amount

The minimum amount users can bet is BSV. In order to manage the payout risk, the maximum amount that users can bet is flexible in each race based the bankroll status. If a user bets more than we allow at each race, the total bet amount will be returned to the user.