Each lottery round takes 100 blocks (approx 16 hours), and the target block, the last 100th block, has a unique hash. The last 5 alphanumerics of the block hash are the lucky number.

In order to win the jackpot, the last alphanumerics of transaction ID, that is generated when buying a ticket, must match the last alphanumerics of target block hash.

RankWinning ChanceJackpotExample
1st Place1/1048576
80% of the Jackpot

(excluding 3rd, 4th & 5th place)

b4ae76a53…7a1d8 = 0000000c3f…7a1d8
2nd Place1/65536
5% of the Jackpot

(excluding 3rd, 4th & 5th place)

b4ae76a53…a1d8 = 0000000c3f…a1d8
3rd Place1/40965

(1 ticket x 500)

b4ae76a53…1d8 = 0000000c3f…1d8
4th Place1/2560.5

(1 ticket x 50)

b4ae76a53…d8 = 0000000c3f…d8
5th Place1/160.05

(1 ticket x 5)

b4ae76a53…8 = 0000000c3f…8

If there is no winner, the jackpot will be rolled over to the next round.

How does Multi-bet work?

When a user buys multiple tickets, Peergame splits the transaction into multiple transactions. The child transactions and their lucky numbers are searchable at the search bar.


The betting transactions must have at least 1 confirmation to be included in each lottery round. If user’s transaction is unconfirmed when the jackpot is found, the transaction will be automatically included in the next round.


3rd, 4th and 5th place winners will receive the jackpot prize immediately after the jackpot is found. For the 1st and 2nd winners, the payout will be sent after 2 confirmations due to possible creation of orphan blocks.


Peergame takes 2% fee each round.